The evolution of Sock Trap

Having played ice hockey since childhood and now for many years as adults, we have tried countless methods to keep our socks up and shin guards in place. We have used conventional methods like plastic hockey tape, as well as more unusual products such as mason jar rubbers, but none of these provided the comfort and consistency we desired.

After spending years observing the use of plastic hockey tape, we came to the realization that there must be a more practical and economical way to stop socks and shin guards from moving. It seems hockey players have only continued to use plastic tape because there hasn’t been a better alternative. The use of plastic hockey tape continues to be time-consuming, expensive, and wasteful for players, parents, coaches, and arena staff who collect discarded tape after every game and practice. With these considerations in mind, we created Sock Trap.

Hockey player standing on ice before he found Sock Traps.
Hockey player winning a draw against his opponent while wearing his new Sock Traps.

Sock Trap, made in London, Ontario, Canada, is a one-inch wide strap consisting of elasticized material and two attachable Velcro®-like sections. When placed against your sock it adheres, wraps around your leg, and is adjustable to your desired tightness. The Velcro®-like sections are stuck together, securing your sock in position until you detach them. When you put on or remove your socks and shin guards, the Sock Traps will remain attached to your socks, ready to provide the tension needed to keep them in place and prevent them from slipping, shifting, or falling.

The tension required to maintain sock position is personalized for every player. No other product for securing shin guards and socks offers a fit and feel as easily adjustable, consistent, and reliable as Sock Trap. The elastic properties of Sock Trap ensure your shin guard and sock won't slip out of place, while also allowing for the expansion and contraction of muscles and reducing the risk of restricted blood circulation, thereby maximizing your performance capabilities.

We believe Sock Trap — a simple fix, but an invention that is long overdue —
will soon become a staple in sports bags everywhere.

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