Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I know which size Sock Traps to order?

    Please refer to our Sizing chart.

  2. Can a Sock Trap be removed once it has been attached to a sock?

    Yes it can, it's a simple Velcro®-like attachment, and can be peeled right off.

  3. Can Sock Traps remain on socks when they are washed?

    They can be washed, but that may compromise their ability to stick. We recommend removing your Sock Traps when you wash your socks and reapplying them after. If you wish to wash the Sock Traps, it is best to do so by hand or in warm soapy water.

  4. Are Sock Traps available in colours other than black?

    Currently we only have black, but more colours will be available in the future. Please Contact Us for further details.

  5. Can we buy Sock Traps in large quantities for the entire team?

    Yes, we welcome bulk orders and provide bulk order discount pricing. Please Contact Us directly for orders of more than 20 packages.

  6. Can Sock Traps be used with the newer jersey fabric socks?

    Sock Traps will stick to most materials commonly used for sport socks, including jersey fabric.

  7. How do I store my Sock Traps when they are not attached to a sock?

    Folding the Sock Traps, similar to how they first arrive in the package, is the best way to keep them compact and to prevent them from sticking to each other or any other material they may come into contact with.

  8. Can Sock Traps be used in sports other than hockey?

    They sure can. Our primary market is ice hockey players, because they have the biggest pads and use the most tape to hold them in place. But athletes playing other sports, even ones without shin pads, can also use our product to keep their socks secure.

  9. Where are Sock Traps made?

    Every Sock Trap is handmade by our team of sewers in London, Ontario, Canada.

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