How it Works

A diagram of the sections and materials that make up a Sock Trap.



The benefits of using Sock Trap versus tape

Save Money

Plastic tape, commonly used by hockey players and other athletes, is expensive to purchase again and again. Consider the short length of time each application of tape lasts, and the fact that most hockey players use up to four metres of plastic tape every time they put on their equipment. Sock Trap is a cost-effective solution designed to last for years, not just a single use.

Save money on hockey tape with the help of Sock Trap.

Save Time

Once the Sock traps are on, they will remain attached and ready to be adjusted every time you pull up or slide down your socks. With plastic tape, on the other hand, you have to search your bag for it, apply it, find the seams and peel it off, then purchase it over and over again.

Save your time by cutting out the need to apply and buy hockey tape, with the help of Sock Trap.

Save the Environment

Every day, around the world, after games and practices, countless kilometres of plastic tape are discarded into garbage bins and sent to already overflowing landfill sites, where the tape will remain permanently. The growing use of Sock Trap will greatly reduce the pace of this environmental damage.

Help save the environment — buy Sock Trap and stop buying wasteful tape.