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  • “ After going to practice with my sock traps, everyone on my team has bought themselves a pair.  ”

    -  Clara V.

    Hockey Player, Edmonton, AB

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  • “ The elastic material feels great.  ”

    -  Aaron C

    London, Ontario

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  • “ I haven’t stopped sniping since I put these bad boys on. This product is a game changer.  ”

    -  Wade P

    Hockey Player, London, ON

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  • “ As a hockey fan, I really appreciate the effort Sock Trap is putting forth to eliminate the miles of tape heading to landfills everyday. ”

    -  Michael Faulds

    Hockey Fan, London, ON

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  • “ Using Sock Trap helps my ten year old daughter get dressed much quicker than she ever did using tape.  ”

    -  Michelle T

    Parent, Halifax, NS

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